[analysis on the current situation of mycobacteria other than tuberculosis during 1994-2003 in the old city area of guangzhou].to analyze the current situation and trend of mycobacteria other than tuberculosis (mott) in the old city area of guangzhou and to provide information for diagnosis, treatment and policy on tuberculosis (tb) control in the city.200516185454
non-tuberculous mycobacteria in china.infection with non-tuberculous mycobacteria (ntm) is relatively rare in areas that are high-endemic for tuberculosis. we identified 126 strains of ntm in respiratory specimens collected by the chinese nationwide survey in 2000, the beijing tuberculosis and thoracic tumour institution, and the guangzhou thoracic hospital. species diagnosis was attained by sequencing of 16s-rdna complemented by phenotypic characterization when necessary. mycobacterium avium-intracellulare-complex - well known as a ...200717366030
[an analysis of opportunistic infection in 762 inpatients with human immunodeficiency virus infection in guangdong areas].to analyze the characteristics of opportunistic infection (oi) in patients with hiv/aids in guangdong and the relationship between oi and the change in blood cd4+ t lymphocyte count (cd4+).201020979782
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