tuberculosis co-infection in hiv infected persons of kathmandu.tuberculosis is itself a major public health problem in nepal and the emergence hiv further complicated the issue. a cross-sectional analytical study was conducted between january 2004 and august 2005, with a general objective to determine the tuberculosis co-infection status in hiv/aids cases of nepal. altogether 100 hiv infected persons visiting different voluntary counseling and testing centers (vct) and hiv/aids care centers located in kathmandu valley were enrolled in the study. investigati ...200818828430
characterization of mycobacteria in hiv/aids patients of nepal.besides mycobacterium tuberculosis, a number of other mycobacterium species are also occasional human pathogens. tuberculosis due to mycobacterium avium complex (mac) and mycobacterium kansasii is particularly prevalent in aids patients as compared to the normal population. a cross-sectional study was carried out during january 2004 to august 2005 in 100 hiv-infected persons visiting tribhuvan university, teaching hospital, and about a dozen of hiv/aids care centers of kathmandu with the objecti ...200818552887
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