implications of agricultural and wildlife policy on management and eradication of bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis in free-ranging wood bison of northern canada.although disease is often an important factor in the population dynamics of wild ungulates, it is largely the threat-both real and perceived-that sylvatic disease reservoirs pose to the health status of commercial livestock or game farm industry that has led governments to establish policy and legislation for disease management, trade, and movement. with respect to bovine tuberculosis and brucellosis in wildlife, policies are largely borrowed from the existing regulatory framework for domestic l ...200212381598
an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis in an intensively managed conservation herd of wild bison in the northwest outbreak of bovine tuberculosis was detected in the hook lake wood bison recovery project captive-breeding herd in march 2005. this study investigates the most likely source of mycobacterium bovis and identifies difficulties associated with salvaging tuberculosis-free animals from an endemically infected herd.201020808568
isolation of mycobacterium bovis from a wood bison in a wildlife conservation project in the northwest territories. 200616642870
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