serodiagnosis of tuberculosis using an elisa with antigen 5 and a hemagglutination assay with glycolipid antigens. results in patients with newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis ranging in extent of disease from minimal to extensive.hemagglutination tests with three glycolipid antigens, a1, b1, and c, and elisa with antigen 5 were done on serum from chinese patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and from normal subjects in hong kong. tests with all four antigens were of similar efficiency, giving positive results in 30 to 52% of 88 smear-positive patients, in 16 to 22% of 37 smear-negative, culture-positive patients, in 5 to 13% of 76 culture-negative patients with radiologically active disease, in 5 to 11% of 217 culture-neg ...19902200316
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