[epidemiological aspects of tuberculosis in middle west of madagascar].we conducted a 5-year (1989-1993) retrospective analysis on a series of patients screened and treated for tuberculosis in order to determine the epidemiological aspects of the disease in mid-western madagascar. pulmonary forms affected 97% of patients, and predominantly men (sex ratio: 1.4); 83% of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis were coughing up acido-alcoholo-resitant bacilli. haemoptysis and general deterioration, the most frequently met pathological signs, were observed respectively in ...200011775320
[extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in antananarivo. principal localizations and biological diagnosis].we describe the state of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in the capital of antananarivo, a city of high endemicity for tuberculosis but very low endemicity for hiv infection. the laboratory of mycobacteria in the institut pasteur of madagascar had examined from august 94 to april 95, 543 pathological samples issued from 295 patients clinically suspected of extrapulmonary tuberculosis (64% male and 36% female). the diagnosis of tuberculosis was confirmed for 47.7% of the patients (141/295), using eit ...19958638985
a combination of two genetic markers is sufficient for restriction fragment length polymorphism typing of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in areas with a high incidence of tuberculosis.the incidence of tuberculosis (tb) in madagascar is 150 cases per 100,000 people. because of this endemicity, we studied the genetic diversity of mycobacterium tuberculosis strains isolated in four big cities in 1994 to 1995 with the aim of monitoring tb transmission. isolates from 316 cases of pulmonary tb (ptm(+)) were typed by southern hybridization with genetic markers is6110 and dr. of the 316 ptm(+) strains, 66 (20.8%) had a single is6110 band and were differentiated by the dr marker into ...200111283082
detecting emerging strains of tuberculosis by using spoligotypes.the w-beijing strain of tuberculosis has been identified in many molecular epidemiological studies as being particularly prevalent. this identification has been made possible through the development of a number of genotyping technologies including spoligotyping. highly prevalent genotypes associated with outbreaks, such as the w-beijing strain, are implicitly regarded as fast spreading. here we present a quantitative method to identify "emerging" strains, those that are spreading faster than the ...200617015836
[a case of pulmonary multiresistant mycobacterium bovis tuberculosis in madagascar].we report a chronic case of pulmonary tuberculosis in a malagasy citizen from antsohihy (west of madagascar), who was infected with a multi-drug resistant mycobacterium bovis strain. this is the first case reported of the isolation of such a strain in madagascar.200315678814
usefulness of restriction fragment length polymorphism and spoligotyping for epidemiological studies of mycobacterium bovis in madagascar: description of new genotypes.tuberculosis is highly prevalent in cattle in madagascar. an epidemiological study based on genotyping of mycobacterium bovis and its transmission to humans was carried out. the restriction fragment length polymorphism (is6110 and dr markers) and spoligotyping were used to assess the genetic diversity of strains from different regions of madagascar. one of these strains was isolated from goat, the other strains were isolated from zebu cattle. nine is6110 profiles, 20 dr profiles and 12 spoligoty ...200616384662
prevalence of mycobacterium bovis in human pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in madagascar.the prevalence of human tuberculosis (tb) due to mycobacterium bovis was determined in madagascar in 1994-1995. a prevalence of m. bovis of 1.25% was observed among sputum smear-positive patients and 1.3% among extra-pulmonary tb patients. this study was conducted in urban areas and will be extended to rural zones, where the majority of the population lives.199910423227
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