lymphocyte function of michigan dairy farmers exposed to polybrominated biphenyls.michigan dairy farm residents ate farm products containing polybrominated biphenyls (pbb's) after the accidential contamination of animal feed with the chemical in that state in 1973. the circulating blood lymphocytes of these residents show significant changes. abnormalities include decreases in the numbers and percentages of peripheral blood lymphocytes that form rosettes with either sheep erythrocytes alone or with sheep erythrocytes sensitized with antibody and complement, increases in lymph ...1978204005
epidemiological and experimental studies on a new incident of transmissible mink encephalopathy.epidemiological investigation of a new incident of transmissible mink encephalopathy (tme) in stetsonville, wisconsin, u.s.a. in 1985 revealed that the mink rancher had never fed sheep products to his mink but did feed them large amounts of products from fallen or sick dairy cattle. to investigate the possibility that this occurrence of tme may have resulted from exposure to infected cattle, two holstein bull calves were injected intracerebrally with mink brain from the stetsonville ranch. each ...19911826023
isolation of giardia from a llama and from sheep.giardia cysts were detected in feces of a domestic llama (lama glama) and in feces of lambs (ovis aries) from wisconsin, u.s.a. all of the animals examined were immature, and they had recent histories of poor condition and passing unformed or semiformed, pale stools. giardia cysts from both host species were excysted in vitro, and the trophozoites were cultivated axenically. furthermore, giardia cysts from both sources were shown to produce infection in mongolian gerbils (meriones unquiculatus). ...19873607656
epidemiologic and experimental studies on transmissible mink encephalopathy.transmissible mink encephalopathy (tme) is a rare foodborne disease of ranch-raised mink produced by an as yet unidentified contaminated feed ingredient. because of the clinicopathologic similarities to scrapie and the indistinguishable physicochemical properties of their transmissible agents, it was initially assumed that tme was caused by feeding mink scrapie-infected sheep. however, subsequent studies testing the oral susceptibility of mink to scrapie were unsuccessful. epidemiologic investig ...19938270100
prehospital rapid-sequence intubation: a pilot training develop a training program enabling paramedics to use sedation and paralytic medications to facilitate endotracheal intubation in patients who otherwise could not be successfully intubated.200312710785
chronic copper toxicosis in sheep fed dry feed. 196414194367
rabies surveillance in the united states during 2004.during 2004, 49 states and puerto rico reported 6,836 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 8 cases in human beings to the cdc, representing a 4.6% decrease from the 7,170 cases in nonhuman animals and 3 cases in human beings reported in 2003. approximately 92% of the cases were in wildlife, and 8% were in domestic animals (compared with 91% and 9%, respectively, in 2003). relative contributions by the major animal groups were as follows: 2,564 raccoons (37.5%), 1,856 skunks (27.1%), 1,361 bat ...200516379626
proteomic profile of uterine luminal fluid from early pregnant ewes.embryonic development is a time-sensitive period that requires a synchronized uterine environment, which is created by the secretion of proteins from both the embryo and uterus. numerous studies have identified uterine luminal proteins and related these to specific adaptations during early pregnancy (ep). however, no study has yet utilized lc-ms/ms to identify the signature profile of proteins in the uterine lumen during ep. in this study, uterine luminal fluid from nonpregnant (np; n = 3) and e ...201020578732
california serogroup virus infections in wisconsin domestic animals.a serologic survey and experimental virus transmission studies were done to assess the role of domestic animals as amplifier hosts of la crosse (lacv) and jamestown canyon (jcv) viruses. serum from 319 cows, 88 dogs, 122 equines, 47 swine, 10 goats, and 4 cats were tested for neutralizing antibody to lacv, jcv, trivittatus (tvtv), and snowshoe hare (sshv) viruses. antibody prevalences of lacv, tvtv, and sshv were less than 10% in all species. antibody to jcv was detected in all species except ca ...19883189702
genetic differentiation of mites of the genus chorioptes (acari: psoroptidae).in an effort to clarify the species status of mites of the genus chorioptes the second internal transcribed spacer of the rrna gene was characterized in 14 isolates from cattle, horse, sheep and llama of different geographic origins. the genotypes segregated into two clearly separated groups of dna sequences. in addition, two phenotypes could be distinguished by the lengths of the outer opisthosomal setae of male adults which had previously been designated as chorioptes bovis and chorioptes texa ...199910399307
bluetongue disease and the molecular epidemiology of viruses from the western united states.prototype and field isolates of united states bluetongue viruses were evaluated for genetic heterogeneity by sequence analyses. prototype viruses btv 2, 10, 11, 13 and 17 from the united states, btv 10 vaccine virus, and field isolates of btv 10 and 17 from california were analyzed. gene segment 2 from btv 10 and 17 isolated in 1980-81 and 1990 was sequenced along with gene segment 9 from btv 10 isolates. the wisconsin package was used to analyze nucleotide sequences and to predict amino acid co ...19968800543
impaired immune function and identification of polybrominated biphenyls (pbb) in blood compartments of exposed michigan dairy farmers and chemical 1973 pbb's were accidentally mixed into animal feed, resulting in marked toxic effects. meat and dairy products were widely consumed in michigan. to determine the impact of pbb's, 55 exposed michigan farm residents, 11 michigan chemical workers and 46 non-exposed wisconsin farmers were examined. abnormalities included decreased number of t-lymphocytes with concomitant increase of lymphocytes with no detectable surface markers, "null cells", and altered lymphocyte function. data obtained from ...1979232874
prion protein polymorphisms in white-tailed deer influence susceptibility to chronic wasting disease.the primary sequence of the prion protein affects susceptibility to transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, or prion diseases, in mice, sheep and humans. the prnp gene sequence of free-ranging, wisconsin white-tailed deer was determined and the prnp genotypes of chronic wasting disease (cwd)-positive and cwd-negative deer were compared. six amino acid changes were identified, two of which were located in pseudogenes. two alleles, a q-->k polymorphism at codon 226 and a single octapeptide repe ...200616760415
comments on the early history of immunogenetics. 19744611284
validation of use of rectoanal mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue for immunohistochemical diagnosis of chronic wasting disease in white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus).the examination of rectoanal mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (ramalt) biopsy specimens for the diagnosis of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies has been described in sheep, elk, and small numbers of mule and white-tailed deer. previous sample numbers have been too small to validate examination of this type of tissue as a viable antemortem diagnostic test. in this study, we examined ramalt collected postmortem from 76 white-tailed deer removed from a farm in wisconsin known to be affected ...200919261781
effect of prepartum photoperiod on milk production and prolactin concentration of dairy ewes.long photoperiods during established lactation increase milk production in dairy cattle and dairy sheep, but recent research in cattle and dairy goats suggests an additional influence of prepartum day length on milk yield in the subsequent lactation. the proposed mechanism of function is the level and role of circulating prolactin in mammary development. the objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of prepartum photoperiod on milk production, milk composition, and prolactin concentra ...200818096928
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