potential vectors of bluetongue and epizootic hemorrhagic disease viruses of cattle and white-tailed deer in alabama.fourteen culicoides spp. were collected on holstein cattle in alabama: c. arboricola, c. bickleyi, c. biguttatus, c. debilipalpis, c. guttipennis, c. haematopotus, c. obsoletus, c. paraensis, c. piliferus, c. sanguisuga, c. spinosus, c. stellifer, c. variipennis and c. venustus. six culicoides spp. were collected directly from white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus): c. debilipalpis, c. niger, c. obsoletus, c. paraensis, c. sanguisuga and c. stellifer. based on their host-feeding behavior, ab ...19852989854
the oocysts of eimeria vermiformis sp. n. and e. papillata sp. n. (protozoa: eimeriidae) from the mouse mus musculus. 19715104609
cutaneous form of bovine papular stomatitis in man.a cutaneous form of bovine papular stomatitis (bps) infection was diagnosed in eight persons at the school of veterinary medicine at auburn university, auburn, ala. the initial outbreak occurred in five persons who were involved in the care of a bull that required manual placement of an oral feeding tube. confirmation of diagnosis was based on clinical findings, cytopathological effects in tissue culture, and isolation of typical paravaccinia virus particles in tissue culture. transmission studi ...19816273605
a seroepidemiologic survey of antibody to bluetongue virus in alabama cattle.bluetongue (bt) is an insect transmitted viral disease of sheep that often causes mild or inapparent disease but rarely causes severe disease in cattle. until recently, bluetongue viral infection was believed to be more prevalent in the western united states, as compared with other regions of the country. however, a national survey for bluetongue antibody and clinical evidence of the disease in the southeastern united states prompted the present investigation that was designed to determine the s ...19826286249
teaching international animal agriculture.students who major in animal science at u.s. institutions are generally exposed to a curriculum that emphasizes commercial, large-scale production of the few traditional food animals: cattle, poultry, sheep, and swine. globally, most farmers live in lesser-developed countries under limited-resource conditions of land, feed supplies, equipment, and capital. the promotion of commercial animal production enterprises may not be appropriate for such farms because it can subject farmers to considerabl ...199910568483
atrial defibrillation thresholds of electrode configurations available to an atrioventricular defibrillator.little investigation has been conducted to assess the atrial defibrillation thresholds of electrode configurations using electrodes designed for internal ventricular defibrillation (right ventricle [rv], superior vena cava [svc], and pulse generator housing [can]) combined with coronary sinus (cs) electrodes. we hypothesized that a cs-->svc+can electrode configuration would have a lower atrial defibrillation threshold than a standard configuration for defibrillation, rv-->svc+can. we also tested ...200111513449
comparison of anthelmintics in sheep in alabama. 196314075408
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