enzootic toxoplasmosis in sheep in north-central united states.of 1,564 serum samples from adult ewes from 33 farms in iowa, minnesota, south dakota, kansas, and nebraska where toxoplasmosis-induced ovine abortions had been diagnosed, 65.5% were found positive for toxoplasma gondii antibodies using the modified agglutination test. toxoplasma gondii antibody titers of ewes were: less than 64 (34.5%), 64 (14.9%), 256 (22.0%), 1,024 (14.5%), and greater than 4,096 (13.8%). thus, 28.3% of sheep had high titers (greater than 1,024) indicating recently acquired t ...19892795369
a study of the animal neoplasms in kansas state. iv. others. 196514343247
genetic diversity in and conservation strategy considerations for navajo churro sheep.the objectives of this study were to 1) evaluate the genetic diversity of navajo-churro sheep using pedigree information; 2) examine the distribution of the navajo-churro population; and 3) evaluate the effect of breeder dynamics on genetic conservation of the breed. pedigree data and breeder information (city and state) were obtained from the navajo-churro sheep breed association. inbreeding coefficients were calculated for each individual animal using pedigree information. a geographic informa ...200415484940
ovine adenovirus serotype 7-associated mortality in lambs in the united states.adenoviral infections were diagnosed in three neonatal lambs that died spontaneously, and no other etiologic agents were identified. clinical signs were anorexia, weakness, abdominal distention, and sudden death. microscopic lesions consisted of multifocal necrotizing hepatitis, multifocal subacute interstitial nephritis, and loss of enterocytes from intestinal villi. adenovirus inclusions were identified by light microscopy in the kidneys only. adenoviral antigen, however, was identified in the ...200111732797
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