[case of scrapie in a goat]. 19751168094
seroprevalence of maedi-visna in canadian sheep.a serological survey of canadian sheep over one year of age was conducted to estimate the seroprevalence of maedi-visna. an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was used. an analysis of 14,047 sera from 286 randomly selected flocks provided an estimate of the seroprevalence of 19% and a mean flock prevalence of 12%. sixty-three percent of the sampled flocks had one or more seropositive sheep. there appeared to be higher prevalences in sheep in quebec (40%) and nova scotia (27%). an increas ...19911653641
enzyme activities of lung lavage in silicosis.the cytotoxic effect of quartz on lung cells has been well documented by in vitro and animal studies, but the pertinence of these findings to humans has not yet been documented. we measured lactate dehydrogenase (ldh) activities in the lung lavage of 24 long-term workers in the québec granite industry and 25 control subjects. we found significant increases in ldh activities in the workers' lung lavage, even in the absence of established silicosis (9 subjects). we looked at a similar observation ...19902114508
epizootiological survey of parainfluenza-3, reovirus-3, respiratory syncytial and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis viral antibodies in sheep and goat flocks in quebec.a serological survey was conducted in an attempt to detect antibodies against bovine respiratory viruses in sheep and goats from seven geographical areas of quebec. sera from 10% of the animals in 182 sheep flocks and 40 goat flocks were collected and specific antibodies against parainfluenza-3, reovirus type 3, respiratory syncytial and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis viruses were detected by hemagglutination-inhibition tests for the former viruses and complement fixation and seroneutralizati ...19853000551
factors associated with productivity in canadian sheep flocks.a mail survey of canadian sheep flocks registered on the record of performance program was conducted, and the association of management practices and diseases with productivity was studied using multiple regression techniques. the relationships between management practices and diseases of lambs which were associated with production were also investigated using discriminant analysis. flocks in the maritimes had a lower average flock productivity than those in ontario-quebec and the western provin ...19873567750
seasonal fluctuations of nematode populations in breeding ewes and lambs.the seasonal changes in nematode populations of a flock of sheep in the montreal area were determined using serial fecal egg counts, fecal culture of larvae and necropsy worm counts. it was found that ostertagia spp.,nematodirus spp., trichostrongylus agei, trichostrongylus spp. and chabertia ovina over-wintered on pasture and could initiate patent infections the following spring. the development of populations of h. contortus was typical of that seen with most of the other species and was chara ...19734265556
gastrointestinal nematode populations in stabled ewes of rimouski region.nematode populations is stabled ewes of the rimouski region were studied by means of fecal worm egg counts, fecal culture of larvae, and worm counts at necropsy. it was found that during the winter strongyle egg counts were low, trichostrongylus eggs being most numerous, the stronglye egg counts increased following lambing and reached peak in june. ostertagia spp was the principal contributor to this "spring-rise", with substantial contribution from trichostrongylus and haemonchus contortus. the ...19734270807
studies on the incidence of dictyocaulus filaria in sheep of rimouski region. 19734272256
prevalence of antibodies to bovine respiratory syncytial virus, bovine viral diarrhea virus, bovine herpesvirus-1, and bovine parainfluenza-3 virus in sheep and goats in quebec.serum samples were collected from 1,075 clinically normal sheep and goats from 77 flocks in 7 agricultural regions of quebec from june to august 1982. sheep and goats were tested for antibodies to bovine respiratory syncytial virus, bovine viral diarrhea virus, and bovine herpes-virus-1 by the indirect fluorescent antibody technique and for parainfluenza-3 virus by the hemagglutination inhibition test. the prevalence of antibodies in animals to respiratory syncytial virus was 31%; to bovine vira ...19846089626
seroepidemiological survey of maedi-visna virus infection in sheep and goat flocks in quebec.maedi-visna, a chronic viral disease of adult sheep characterized by progressive dyspnoea or neurological manifestations, was first recognized and described clinically in canada in 1970. seroepidemiological study was conducted in sheep and goats in various areas of quebec. sera of 10% of the animals of selected flocks were collected and specific antibodies against maedi-visna virus were tested by a modified direct complement fixation test. results show seropositive rate of 67.6% for sherbrooke s ...19836315198
presence of antibodies to bovine viral diarrhea-mucosal disease virus (border disease) in sheep and goat flocks in quebec.a seroepidemiological study of border disease was conducted in sheep and goats in various areas of quebec. sera of 10% of animals of selected flocks were collected and specific antibodies against bovine viral diarrhea- mucosal disease were tested by seroneutralization. results show that 10.9% and 16% of sheep and goats respectively gave a positive reaction. the lower serological prevalence was found in sheep flocks of the sherbrooke area (5.4%) while the highest percentage of positive sera was o ...19846326984
isolation of histophilus ovis from vaginal discharge in ewes in canada. 19817337919
cancer in wildlife, a case study: beluga from the st. lawrence estuary, québec, canada.a population of approximately 650 beluga (delphinapterus leucas) inhabits a short segment of the st. lawrence estuary (sle). over 17 years (1983-1999), we have examined 129 (or 49%) of 263 sle beluga carcasses reported stranded. the major primary causes of death were respiratory and gastrointestinal infections with metazoan parasites (22%), cancer (18%), and bacterial, viral, and protozoan infections (17%). we observed cancer in 27% of examined adult animals found dead, a percentage similar to t ...200211882480
prevalence of and carcass condemnation from maedi-visna, paratuberculosis and caseous lymphadenitis in culled sheep from quebec, canada.we determined the prevalence of lung and mammary gland lesions associated with maedi-visna (mv) infection, the prevalence of paratuberculosis (ptb), and the prevalence and lesions distribution of caseous lymphadenitis (cl) in culled sheep. total of 451 ewes and 34 rams were selected randomly from two slaughterhouses in quebec, canada. mv serostatus was determined by recombinant elisa test. ptb diagnosis was based on characteristic histological lesions in the terminal ileum, ileocecal lymph node ...200312719018
maedi-visna impact on productivity in quebec sheep flocks (canada).an epidemiological study was conducted to determine the impact of maedi-visna (mv) seropositivity on productivity in commercial sheep flocks of the province of quebec, canada. a total of 1734 ewes and 220 rams were selected randomly from 29 flocks distributed in the bas-st-laurent and estrie regions. serostatus was determined with an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) using recombinant proteins.flock-specific, animal-level seroprevalence varied from 3 to 70% (median=29%). seroprevalence i ...200312809758
animal sarcosporidiosis in the province of quebec. 196414158538
risk factors and impacts of clinical and subclinical mastitis in commercial meat-producing sheep flocks in quebec, canada.we conducted a prospective observational study on clinical and subclinical mastitis in 30 commercial meat-producing sheep flocks from 2 regions of the province of quebec, canada. a total of 2,792 ewes selected in late gestation were followed from lambing to weaning of lambs. the incidence of clinical mastitis for the total lactation period (average of 58 days) ranged among flocks from 0 to 6.6%, with a median of 1.2%. the most frequently isolated bacteria from the cases of clinical mastitis, in ...200818656275
prp genotype frequencies of quebec sheep breeds determined by real-time pcr and molecular beacons.the allele and genotype frequencies of the prion protein gene (prp), known to have an impact on scrapie susceptibility, were determined by real-time pcr for 500 quebec purebred rams. molecular beacons were very efficient in discriminating the 5 alleles investigated. polymorphisms at coding positions 136, 154, and 171 of the prp gene were analyzed using 3 separate real-time pcr reactions and a total of 7 molecular beacons. a total of 4 different alleles (arq, arr, ahr, and vrq) were observed at d ...200818783020
prevalence and distribution of gastrointestinal nematodes on 32 organic and conventional commercial sheep farms in ontario and quebec, canada (2006-2008).in order to characterize the epidemiology of sheep gastrointestinal nematodes in organic and conventional flocks in canada, a longitudinal study was carried out from may 2006 to march 2008 on 32 purposively selected farms in ontario (on) and quebec (qc): 8 certified organic (co), 16 non-certified organic (nco), and 8 conventional (c) farms. on each farm, 10 ewes and 10 female lambs were selected. farm visits were undertaken monthly during the grazing season, and twice in the winter. at each visi ...201020236769
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