an assessment of residual ovine nematodes on pasture under maritime conditions.residual ovine nematode pasture infections were assessed by grazing groups of ewes and their lambs on permanent sheep and cattle pastures and by the use of tracer lambs. ostertagia spp., cooperia oncophora, nematodirus spp., chabertia ovina and trichuris spp. eggs and/or larvae survived on pastures overwinter. second generation ostertagia larvae were present in greatest numbers on pasture during the latter part of august and early september. the failure of a significant build-up of cooperia onco ...19892766155
exposure to parturient cats: a risk factor for acquisition of q fever in maritime canada.over a 34-mo period we studied 51 patients with q fever and 102 control subjects (with various lower-respiratory-tract infections) who were matched for age, sex, and time of onset of infection. by univariate analysis (not adjusted for multiple comparisons), cases differed significantly from controls in the following activities: working on a farm; slaughtering or dressing animals; and contact with cats, cattle, and sheep. the strongest association was with exposure to stillborn kittens--11 of 51 ...19883392409
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