molecular identification of echinococcus granulosus genotypes (g1 and g7) isolated from pigs in mexico.with the aim of genotyping echinococcus granulosus cysts found in mexican livestock, we collected hydatid cysts from the livers and lungs of pigs in slaughterhouses in the state of morelos, central region of mexico. dna was extracted from the parasites and examined by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) of rdna internal transcribed spacer 1 (its1-pcr), eg9-pcr, eg16-pcr, and pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism (pcr-rflp). in addition, fragments of the genes coding for mitochondrial cytochro ...200717467177
in vitro nematicidal effects of medicinal plants from the sierra de huautla, biosphere reserve, morelos, mexico against haemonchus contortus infective larvae.twenty extracts from plants from sierra de huautla biosphere reserve, morelos, mexico were evaluated against haemonchus contortus infective larvae in an in vitro assay. the plant species evaluated were bursera copallifera, b. grandifolia, lippia graveolens, passiflora mexicana, prosopis laevigata, randia echinocarpa and urtica dioica. the plants were separated into their parts and macerated with different solvents (n-hexane, acetone, ethanol and methanol). an in vitro assay was used to evaluate ...200818053304
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