environmental and genetic effects on preweaning growth performance of hair sheep in on 4,754 lambs born from pelibuey (pb) and barbados blackbelly (bb) ewes collected over 9 years at the mococha experimental centre in yucatan, mexico, were used to determine environmental, dam-breed and sire-breed effects on birth weight (bw), weaning weight (ww) and average daily gain (adg). effects of year and season of birth, sex of the lamb, type of birth, breed of dam, breed of sire, their interaction and ewe body weight were included. heritabilities were estimated for each breed. seas ...19938236494
detection of oestrus ovis and associated risk factors in sheep from the central region of yucatan, mexico.a cross-sectional epidemiologic study was conducted in order to detect the presence of and to estimate the seroprevalence of oestrus ovis l. infection in flocks of sheep from the central region of the state of yucatan, mexico. the risk factors associated with disease were also identified. a sample size of 10 animals per farm was used to detect seropositive animals, considering a 30% prevalence and 95% confidence level. blood samples of 689 sheep from 88 flocks were collected and a questionnaire ...200010681024
prevalence of benzimidazole resistant nematodes in sheep flocks in yucatan, mexico.thirty-eight sheep flocks, located in three municipalities in the eastern yucatan, mexico, were surveyed for gastrointestinal nematodes resistant to benzimidazole (bzd) anthelmintics (ah). on each flock, 30 sheep were randomly distributed into two groups of 15 animals: albendazole group (5mg/kg bw) and untreated control group. animals were refrained from any food (either browsing/grazing or supplement) for a period of 16 h prior to treatment. faecal egg counts (fec) and larval cultures were perf ...200312732464
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