[evaluation of an elisa test with fasciola hepatica metabolic antigen for diagnosis of human fascioliasis in cajamarca, peru].metabolic (excretion/secretion) antigen was obtained from sheep infected with fasciola hepatica, with a 1005 μg/μl of protein concentration, composed principally by proteins of molecular weight between 1.2 and 170 kda. bands of 170, 150, 31, 24, 18-14 and 10 kda were detected. with this antigen an elisa test was developed and the cut off was determined in 0.140. we evaluated 33 serums of patient with fascioliasis confirmed by visualization of eggs in feces, 177 serums of persons without fascioli ...201021308197
fluke egg characteristics for the diagnosis of human and animal fascioliasis by fasciola hepatica and f. trematodiases, shape and size of the fluke eggs shed with faeces are crucial diagnostic features because of their typically reduced intraspecific variability. in fascioliasis, the usual diagnosis during the biliary stage of infection is based on the classification of eggs found in stools, duodenal contents or bile. the aim of the present study is to validate the identification of fasciola species based on the shape and size of eggs shed by humans, characterizing their morphometric traits usin ...200919375410
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