[hydatidosis in the ixth region of chile. a regional problem and challenge].infection by echinococcus granulosus is the main zoonosis affecting the human population of the ixth region in southern chile. prevalence rates vary from 18.2 to 48 per 100,000. animals are affected with prevalence rates of 40% for bovines, 39.5% for sheep and 14.8% for pork as estimated at the central meat processing plant in the city of temuco. a cost of approximately $300,000 is estimated to treat affected individuals. much greater losses may be estimated from unnotified meat processing in ru ...19921342486
[regional analysis of human and animal hydatidosis in chile, 1989-1993].a descriptive study of hydatidosis, a still very prevalent zoonosis in chile, was carried out with information up to 1993. both human and animal data were included, the last one based on more reliable information. regional human distribution up to 1991 shows persistent high notification rates in the extreme south of the country, aysen and magallanes hospital discharges, more reliable than notified cases, adds the ix region of araucania to the high risk areas, join with more than 30 hospitalizati ...19969196947
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