resistance to benzimidazole of haemonchus contortus utkalensis in sheep on martinique. 19863962103
heartwater in guadeloupe and in the caribbean.a sero-epidemiological survey for heartwater was organized in 1992 in the lesser antilles, from grenada to saint martin. blood from about one percent of the ruminant livestock of the islands was randomly sampled and the sera were tested with an indirect elisa. the percentage of positive sera was found to be 30% in guadeloupe, 25% in antigua, 2.2% in st.martin, 1.3% in st. kitts & nevis, 3.8% in montserrat, 1.7% in dominica, 1.5% in st.lucia, 1.5% in st.vincent, 3.5% in barbados, 2.9% in grenada ...19938134620
epidemiological studies on dermatophilosis in the caribbean.dermatophilosis is one of the most important diseases of domestic ruminants in the caribbean islands where the clinical disease has been shown to be associated with the presence of the tick amblyomma variegatum. seroepidemiological studies were conducted to clarify the epidemiology of the disease in the region with a particular attention paid to the role of a. variegatum. a bank of 1300 cattle sera from the lesser antilles was screened by elisa for the presence of antibodies to dermatophilus con ...19938161379
serological survey of leptospirosis in livestock animals in the lesser antilles.a serological survey was performed of 1788 cattle, goats and sheep on 13 islands in the lesser antilles. sera were tested by microscopic agglutination (mat) using a panel of 22 live antigens. evidence of past exposure, at a titer of > or = 100, was found in 101 animals (5.6%). antibodies were more common in cattle and goats (7.2% in each) than in sheep (1.7%). seroprevalence was highest in cattle in martinique (20%) and in goats in st. vincent (23%). the predominant serogroups were sejroe (large ...19968784518
survey of seroprevalence of q fever in dogs in the southeast of france, french guyana, martinique, senegal and the ivory coast.a serological survey was carried out on 429 dogs belonging to the french military in france, french guyana, martinique, senegal and the ivory coast. serology against phase i and ii antigens of coxiella burnetii, the intracellular zoonotic bacterium was performed using indirect immunofluorescence techniques. specific antibodies were found in dogs from france (9.8%), senegal (11.6%), ivory coast (8.3%), french guyana (5.2%) but not in those from martinique. the seroprevalence among 77 dogs who had ...19989874098
ovulation rate, litter size and prenatal losses in hair sheep of the french west indies.ovulation rate (or) and litter size (ls) were recorded in local hair sheep of martinique and in local x lacaune-viande crossbreeds, in order to assess prenatal losses. local hair sheep ls and or were 1.91 and 2.41, respectively. prenatal losses increased with or, from 0.22 (or = 2) up to 1.50 (or > 3). the ewes (69.7%) with ls = 1 had actually lost at least one ovum, against 25.9% of the ewes with ls > 1. ewes grazing cynodon nlemfuensis (stargrass) had lower ls than those grazing digitaria decu ...200415535465
beta-haemolytic streptococci in school children 5-15 years of age with an emphasis on rheumatic fever, in the tri-island state of grenada.the objective of this study is to determine the prevalence of beta-haemolytic streptococci in the pharynx and antibodies to beta-haemolytic streptococci in school children 5-15 years of age in the tri-island state of grenada blood samples and throat swabs were obtained from 1388 school children, aged 5-15 years old attending randomly selected schools in each parish of the tri-island state of grenada. serum samples were subjected to antistreptolysin o testing (asot) while throat swabs were cultur ...200515892385
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