seasonal variation of lutzomyia longipalpis (lutz & neiva, 1912) (diptera: psychodidae: phlebotominae) in endemic area of visceral leishmaniasis, campo grande, state of mato grosso do sul, brazil.the seasonal distribution of lutzomyia longipalpis was studied in two forested and five domiciliary areas of the urban area of campo grande; ms, from december 2003 to november 2005. weekly captures were carried out with cdc light traps positioned on ground and in the canopy inside a residual forest and on the edge (ground) of a woodland and in at least one of the following ecotopes in peridomiciles-a cultivated area, a chicken coop, a pigsty, a kennel, a goat and sheep shelter and an intradomici ...200818022137
molecular characterization of ovine zygomycosis in central western brazil.zygomycosis is an important granulomatous disease that affects humans and animals, particularly sheep in tropical regions. rhinofacial and nasopharyngeal zygomycosis were described in sheep in association with conidiobolus spp. the present study characterized 5 samples of conidiobolus isolated from 3 herds with clinical disease in mato grosso state, brazil. the clinical and pathological findings were similar to nasopharyngeal zygomycosis. based on morphological features, isolates were classified ...201020224092
first report of coenurosis in sheep in the state of mato grosso do sul, brazil.this paper reports the first case of coenurosis in the state of mato grosso do sul, brazil. this disease is caused by the larval stage of the tapeworm taenia multiceps (leske, 1780). the animal in which the disease was diagnosed was an 18-month-old ewe from an endemic area of southern brazil as an imported animal among a group of 30 sheep. the clinic-pathological condition was that commonly found in herbivores affected by the disease, especially sheep. apathy, nystagmus, intermittent blindness, ...201021184708
epidemiological factors related to the transmission risk of trypanosoma cruzi in a quilombola community, state of mato grosso do sul, brazil.this work was an epidemiological investigation of the risk of trypanosoma cruzi transmission in the rural quilombola community of furnas do dionízio, state of mato grosso do sul, brazil.201122031072
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