[geopolitical distribution of the occurrence of fasciola hepatica in santa catarina state, brazil].during 12 years feces samples from cows, water buffaloes, sheeps and goats were examined by sequential tamis filtration to show the occurrence of fasciola hepatica eggs. the material came from 129 municipalities of santa catarina state, and 5 g of feces per animal were examined. the occurrence of f. hepatica was confirmed in 64.82% of the municipalities. considering the host, f. hepatica was confirmed in goats from florianópolis, são josé, são joão batista and guaramirim municipalities; in sheep ...19921343793
association of ants (hymenoptera: formicidae) with bacteria in hospitals in the state of santa catarina.the objective of this study was to identify ant occurrence in hospital environments in the state of santa catarina, along with associated bacteria. ants were collected monthly from five inpatient clinics in two hospitals in the municipality of chapecó, from august 2003 to june 2004. they were collected under aseptic conditions using swabs moistened with sterile distilled water and put into test tubes containing bhi for microbiological analysis. after 24 hours, cultures were made in both 5% sheep ...200617308695
[coenurosis in a sheep in santa catarina state, brazil].coenurus cerebralis infection is commonly occurring parasite in small ruminants worldwide. a ewe showed head inclination to the left, equilibrium loss, impetuous movement to the high, falling in left lateral recumbency and recovering movement later. seven days later, the animal remained in permanent lateral recumbency and nystagmus. euthanasia was carried out and a routine necropsy examination was performed. a large volume was found on the right side of the cerebellum due to a cystic cavity, wit ...200820059838
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