[brucellosis endemic in the marches]. 1977569295
yersinia enterocolitica and related species isolated in the pesaro and urbino area (italy) from 1981 to 1986.a total of 23 strains of yersinias, y. enterocolitica (17), y. frederiksenii (5) and y. intermedia (1) characterized according to bio-serogroup and phage type, were isolated from human, animal and environmental samples during a 5-year period. it appears that in the pesaro-urbino area yersinia spp. are infrequent and the strains of y. enterocolitica belong to environmental and rarely to human pathogenic bioserogroups.19902180887
diffusion of thermophilic campylobacter in the pesaro-urbino area (italy) from 1985 to 1992.the results of research on the spreading of campylobacter in the pesaro-urbino area carried out from 1985 to 1992 are presented. materials of different origin were examined: 822 samples of human faeces, 533 animal rectal swabs, 192 samples of domestic sewage, 48 of river water, 96 of sea water and 632 of various types of food. two hundred and nine strains of campylobacter were isolated (9%), most of which were campylobacter jejuni (80%), with particular frequency in food products (chicken carcas ...19957489778
tick-borne diseases in ruminants of central and southern italy: epidemiology and case reports.sera and blood from cattle and sheep were examined for the presence of babesia and theileria spp by microscopy and serology at the parasitology department of the istituto zooprofilattico sperimentale of abruzzo and molise (izsam). of the 47 bovine herds (323 animals) tested, 15 were found positive for babesia bigemina and 1 for babesia bovis. two outbreaks occurred, one caused by b. bigemina and one by b. bovis. the b. bigemina outbreak occurred in abruzzo and has been followed for two years. th ...199911071553
host preferences of phlebotomine sand flies at a hypoendemic focus of canine leishmaniasis in central italy.a survey was carried out on phlebotomine sand flies and their feeding habits at a hypoendemic focus of leishmania infantum in macerata province, central italy. during two consecutive years (2000-2001), 1465 sand fly specimens (42.5% of which were males) were collected from a variety of diurnal resting sites in the municipality of camerino. the most prevalent species was phlebotomus perniciosus (76.6%), followed by p. papatasi (10.4%), sergentomyia minuta (9.1%), phlebotomus perfiliewi (3.3%) and ...200314516922
traditional phytotherapy in central italy (marche, abruzzo, and latium).in this study, the more significant results of extensive ethnopharmacobotanical research carried out by the author in the years 1977-2000 in 175 localities of three regions of central italy (marche, abruzzo, and latium) have been reported and compared. the usages of 80 species belonging to 36 families are described, of which 71 were used in human therapy and 29 in veterinary medicine. uses are suited with the number of localities in which they have been mentioned. among the wild plant mainly sti ...200515664457
preliminary data on echinococcus granulosus (batsch, 1786) in dogs from lombardia and marche regions (northern and central italy). 200416044716
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