tick-borne diseases in ruminants of central and southern italy: epidemiology and case reports.sera and blood from cattle and sheep were examined for the presence of babesia and theileria spp by microscopy and serology at the parasitology department of the istituto zooprofilattico sperimentale of abruzzo and molise (izsam). of the 47 bovine herds (323 animals) tested, 15 were found positive for babesia bigemina and 1 for babesia bovis. two outbreaks occurred, one caused by b. bigemina and one by b. bovis. the b. bigemina outbreak occurred in abruzzo and has been followed for two years. th ...199911071553
the use of a web-based interactive geographical information system for the surveillance of bluetongue in italy.since 2000 italy has experienced five epidemics of bluetongue, an arthropod-borne disease that affects primarily sheep and asymptomatically cattle, goats and wildlife ruminants. in four years the disease spread through southern and central italy, involving 14 italian regions out of 20. to control the disease, the ministry of health established a surveillance system that included clinical, entomological and serological surveillance elements. the national reference centre for veterinary epidemiolo ...200516642756
ovine catarrhal fever (bluetongue): analysis of culicoides species in seropositive farms.bluetongue (bt) is an orbiviral disease of wild and domestic ruminants, mainly sheep. in sicily, the first bluetongue outbreak occurred in october 2000; there have been 76 recorded outbreaks so far. the national surveillance plan, based on european union commission decision 138/2001/ce, establishes serological and entomological surveys. this plan consists of controls of seronegative cattle, called 'sentry' as indicators for the presence and circulation of virus in defined areas. to check the ser ...201020537094
characterization of quinolone resistance in escherichia coli strains of animal origin from italy.the aim of this study was to assess the possible circulation of genetic resistance determinants and chromosomal point mutations in quinolone-resistant escherichia coli isolated from livestock from central italy. forty-nine e. coli isolates were recovered from animals during the surveillance activities of the istituto zooprofilattico abruzzo e molise (izsa&m), italy, over 2 years. the plasmid resistance determinants and point mutations in dna gyrase and topoisomerase iv were characterized by pcr ...201020566420
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