[survey of the epidemiological serology of q fever in the province of catanzaro]. 19675629290
vancomycin resistance and antibiotic susceptibility of enterococci in raw meat.the purpose of this study was to investigate antimicrobial resistance, in particular to vancomycin, of enterococci in samples (100) of meat (beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and pork) sold in retail outlets of catanzaro (italy). enterococci were identified to the species level. antimicrobial susceptibility tests for a large spectrum of antibiotics including glycopeptides were performed by the disk diffusion method. kappa statistic was used to evaluate associations of resistance to vancomycin with ot ...200010914659
characterization of antimicrobial resistant salmonella enterica serovars enteritidis and typhimurium isolates from animal and food in southern the last two decades, the emergence and spread of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens, among them salmonella, has become a serious health hazard worldwide, and specifically the high incidence of multidrug resistance has been encountered widely in many european countries. this study examines the antimicrobial susceptibility of salmonella enterica strains typhimurium and enteritidis isolated in campania and calabria region (southern italy) from animal and food of animal origin. the relationship o ...201020401533
metal levels in fodder, milk, dairy products, and tissues sampled in ovine farms of southern italy.we measured cd, cr, hg, mn, and pb levels in samples of fodder, milk, dairy products, and tissues collected from 12 ovine farms in the regions of campania and calabria (southern italy). the areas in which the farms are located show different levels of anthropogenic pressure. the main purpose of this study is the identification and the analysis of relationships among metal concentrations observed in samples representative of different links in the food chain. particularly, we apply univariate, bi ...200416053927
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