[hydatidosis in provence and corsica. epidemiological survey]. 19817296736
[epidemiology of certain trematode diseases of domestic animals in corsica (bovine bilharziosis and bovine and ovine distomiasis). observations conducted during a mission accomplished during the autumn of 1962]. 196314074043
the epidemiology and diagnosis of bluetongue with particular reference to corsica.bluetongue (bt) and/or bt viruses (btv) have been identified in the mediterranean basin and the balkans each year from 1998 to 2002 and in particular btv serotype 2 in the french island of corsica (2000 and 2001). in response to these virus incursions, the french veterinary authorities carried out epidemiological studies that included virological, serological and entomological analysis, and two vaccination campaigns performed in the winter of 2000/2001 and the winter and spring of 2001 and 2002. ...200415120946
rickettsia aeschlimannii in hyalomma ticks from corsica. 200415309667
performance evaluation of a competitive elisa test used for bluetongue antibody detection in france, a recently infected 1998, bluetongue (bt) was introduced in northern africa and then extended to northern latitudes including the french island of corsica. following the outbreaks in corsica in 2000 and 2001, cross-sectional studies and surveillances have been set up in corsica and also in the southern part of mainland france, a disease-free area but considered at high risk because of its proximity. the surveillance was based on regular blood sampling of susceptible species and antibody detection by a commercial ...200616979306
use of high spatial resolution satellite imagery to characterize landscapes at risk for bluetongue.the recent and rapid spread in the mediterranean basin of bluetongue, a viral disease of ruminants transmitted by some species of culicoides (biting midges), highlights the necessity of determining the conditions of its emergence. this study uses high spatial resolution satellite imagery and methods from landscape ecology science to identify environmental parameters related to bluetongue occurrence in corsica, a french mediterranean island where the disease occurred for the first time in 2000. a ...200717583664
description of the outbreak of bluetongue in corsica in 2003, and lessons for surveillance.since 1999, several serotypes of bluetongue virus (btv) have been isolated in the western part of the mediterranean basin, and since 2000, corsica has been exposed to three different serotypes: btv serotype 2 in 2000, btv serotype 4 (btv-4) in 2003 and btv serotype 16 in 2004. in 2000 there were no surveillance systems for bluetongue, but in 2003, active surveillance of the circulation of btv and its vector culicoides species, aided by a raised level of awareness in farmers and veterinarians, ma ...200818263916
mycoplasmoses of ruminants in france: recent data from the national surveillance network.ruminant mycoplasmoses are important diseases worldwide and several are listed by the world organization for animal health to be of major economic significance. in france the distribution of mycoplasmal species isolated from clinical samples collected from diseased animals upon veterinary request, is monitored by a network known as vigimyc (for vigilance to mycoplasmoses of ruminants). the veterinary diagnostic laboratories collaborating with vigimyc are responsible for isolating the mycoplasmas ...201020525406
sheep hb i variant, or beta13(a10)gly-->ser, in breeds from corsica: detection by gene sequencing. 19989859936
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