studies on the dynamics of active populations of the sheep tick, ixodes ricinus l. in co. wicklow, ireland. 19846485729
the occurrence and initial numbers of listeria in irish meat and fish products and the recovery of injured cells from frozen products.a total of 549 samples of meat, fish and poultry products purchased from retail outlets in the dublin area were examined for the presence of listeria spp., using a standard recovery method and a new resuscitation method. listeria spp. were most frequently isolated from frozen beef burgers (97%) and fish fingers (95%). cooked meats which were prepackaged by the manufacturer were negative for listeria spp. the pathogen was isolated from 21% of cooked meats which were sold retail unpackaged indicat ...19948074965
an abattoir survey of ovine reproductive tracts in ireland.reproductive tracts were collected from 870 ewes slaughtered at an abattoir in county dublin over a 9-m.o. period from september 1993 to june 1994. ovarian activity was evident in 59.3% of the tracts examined. the mean ovulation rate was 1.26 +/- 0.045 (mean +/- sem). the spatial relationship between corpora lutea (cl) and dominant follicles was established. ten percent of the ewes examined were pregnant. embryonic transuterine migration was observed in 12% of the single ovulating ewes and in al ...199810732138
prion protein gene polymorphisms in pedigree sheep in ireland.the development of clinical signs of scrapie in sheep has been linked to polymorphisms in the prion protein (prp) gene. the most important polymorphisms appear to be at codons 136, 154 and 171. the objective of this study was to investigate polymorphisms at these codons in five native (belclare, galway, wicklow cheviot, donegal blackface mountain and mayo blackface mountain) and five imported (texel, bleu du maine, rouge de l'ouest, vendéen and charollais) sheep breeds in ireland. a total of 13 ...200111170852
practical animal-handling classes at university college dublin.the first two years of the veterinary program at university college dublin (ucd) include two modules whereby students gain experience in basic animal handling. practical animal husbandry uses both lectures and animal handling classes aimed at teaching students to approach, restrain, and carry out routine husbandry procedures on food-producing and companion animals humanely and competently and to be aware of the risks to human health of inappropriate animal approach and handling. staff and studen ...200718326764
a preliminary study of salmonella, verocytotoxigenic escherichia coli/escherichia coli o157 and campylobacter on four mixed farms.the aims of this study were to investigate the incidence of salmonella, verocytotoxigenic escherichia coli (vtec)/escherichia coli o157 and campylobacter on four mixed farms and to characterize the isolates in terms of a range of virulence factors. eighty-nine composite (five different samples from the same animal species combined) faecal [cattle (24), pigs (14), sheep (4), poultry (4), horses (7), deer (4), dogs (9), rodents (2) and wild birds (20)] samples, 16 composite soil samples plus 35 in ...201121951421
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