consequences of the unusually warm and dry summer of 2003 in the netherlands: poor development of free living stages, normal survival of infective larvae and long survival of adult gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep.during 2003 a grazing study was performed at utrecht university to evaluate evasive grazing and application of duddingtonia flagrans for the control of parasitic gastroenteritis in sheep. however, the summer of 2003 (june-august) was unusually warm and dry. as a result the patterns of gastrointestinal nematode infections deviated from those observed in more average years. the proportion of eggs that developed to infective larvae was far lower than normal in july-august. on the other hand, surviv ...200516009492
[the economic section of the dutch society for sciences].in 1777 the "economic section" was founded as a branch of the "dutch society for sciences" in haarlem. it is the oldest organization in the area of economy in the netherlands. the aim of the society was to stop the economic recession in the republic of the seven united netherlands and to stimulate economic growth by spreading practical knowledge concerning industry and agriculture (including veterinary medicine). the economic section tried to achieve this by awarding prizes for the best essays o ...200620642136
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