[enzootic occurrence of pulmonary adenomatosis in 13 sheep near bern]. 1979451519
[occurrence of enzootic muscle dystrophy in lambs in bern canton]. 19744845074
[further cases of respiratory slow virus diseases (pulmonary adenomatosis and maedi) in sheep in the bern area]. 19846474136
antibodies to berne virus in horses and other animals.after inoculation into 2 foals, berne virus induced neutralizing antibody, but did not cause clinical symptoms. in a horizontal study of seropositive mares and their offspring, a decline of maternal antibodies and a sudden synchronous seroconversion in all foals were observed, again without clinical symptoms. the virus is widespread in the swiss horse population and has been so during the last decade; rises in antibody titers were noted in 9% of paired sera sampled at random. positive reactions ...19846506447
[occurrence of white liver dis in lambs in switzerland].the white liver disease was first observed in the canton of berne in 1985. until 1995 we could observe the outbreak of the disease in seven flocks. the first clinical signs were anorexia, then delayed growth, weight loss and finally cachexy. the animals showed photosensitivity on ears, eyelids and nose. a hematological and blood biochemical examination revealed a mild normochrome, normocytic anemia as well as a significant elevation of ggt and a mild elevation of ast values. by examining the swo ...19989626744
[ovine enzootic abortion: seroprevalence in switzerland using a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (celisa)].the present study gives an overview over the seroprevalence of ovine enzootic abortion in switzerland. 639 sheep flocks out of eight cantons in switzerland were examined by a competitive enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (celisa) for antibodies against chlamydophila abortus (chlamydia psittaci serotype 1), the agent causing ovine enzootic abortion. the eight cantons included aargau, bern, zürich, appenzell-ausserrhoden, appenzell-innerrhoden and fribourg, the vallais and the graubünden. they wer ...200212677686
seroprevalence survey for salmonella abortusovis infection in swiss sheep flocks.between 1976 and 2003, no infections with salmonella abortusovis had been officially recorded in switzerland. since then, however, several sheep flocks were infected and suffered massive fetal losses suggesting a re-emergence of the disease. therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the epidemiological situation of s. abortusovis infection in sheep in this country. a representative serum sample collected in 2007 in the context of certifying brucella freedom included sera from 578 flocks wit ...201020870306
[epizootological views on the occurrence of psoroptes mange and other ectoparasites in the sheep in the canton bern]. 1978569360
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