a swiss population-based assessment of dietary habits before and after the march 1996 'mad cow disease' assess differences in dietary habits in the general population of geneva, switzerland, after the 1996 (bse) crisis.199910099949
[malignant catarrhal fever in switzerland. 1.epidemiology].malignant catarrhal fever (mcf) is a usually fatal infectious disease of cattle with global distribution. based on the recent introduction of a diagnostic pcr assay and a competitive inhibition elisa (cielisa) epidemiological data were collected on field cases in switzerland. throughout a three-year period, an mcf incidence of 0.6@1000 was observed, with a gradient of cases from eastern to western switzerland. while the cantons wallis, vaud and geneva reported no and the remaining western canton ...200111344942
impact of 'mad cow disease' publicity on trends in meat and total vitamin a consumption in geneva between 1993 and march 1996, revelations about the possible risk for humans of the 'mad cow disease' epidemic had a sudden impact on the diets of european populations.200312548314
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