[epidemiology of diarrhea caused by escherichia coli and rotavirus in calves and lambs in morocco].an epidemiological survey on e coli and rotavirus associated diarrheas in one to twenty five days old calves and lambs was made in three regions: rabat-kenitra, marrakech and agadir. isolated e coli k99 stains have been studied of a biochemical, serotypical (o antigen) and antibiotypical point of view. the identification of rotavirus was made by elisa test. persistence of k99 antigen and heat stable toxin a was examined after a conservation of 5 weeks at - 18 degrees c. the frequency of e coli k ...19883041900
ovine lentiviral infection (maedi/visna) in morocco: a serologic and postmortem an attempt to estimate the importance of maedi/visna virus infection in moroccan sheep and to assess the relationship, if any, between seroreactivity and pulmonary lesions, an abattoir-based serologic survey was undertaken over a period of 2 years. a total of 1000 blood samples and related lungs were collected from sheep of different breeds and ages slaughtered at three major municipal abattoirs in morocco (casablanca, kénitra and rabat). the agar gel immunodiffusion test showed that the sero ...19947975974
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