ovine lentiviral infection (maedi/visna) in morocco: a serologic and postmortem an attempt to estimate the importance of maedi/visna virus infection in moroccan sheep and to assess the relationship, if any, between seroreactivity and pulmonary lesions, an abattoir-based serologic survey was undertaken over a period of 2 years. a total of 1000 blood samples and related lungs were collected from sheep of different breeds and ages slaughtered at three major municipal abattoirs in morocco (casablanca, kénitra and rabat). the agar gel immunodiffusion test showed that the sero ...19947975974
epidemiological study of the cystic echinococcosis in morocco.the objectives of this epidemiological study on cystic echinococcosis (ce) in morocco (2001-2004) were to update the prevalence of ce in different animal species living in the most important areas of the country and to collect protoscoleces and germinal layers for genetic research purposes. the post mortem inspection concerned 2948 sheep, 2337 goats, 618 cattle, 482 camels and 455 equines (325 horses, 60 mules and 70 donkeys) in five different regions: the rif (mediterranean coast and high mount ...200616473466
the bacterial quality of red meat and offal in casablanca (morocco).the present study aimed to evaluate the bacteriological quality of beef (n = 52), lamb (n = 52) and beef offal (n = 52) marketed in casablanca, morocco. meat and offal samples (n = 156), were collected randomly from butcheries, supermarkets, and slaughterhouses. two sampling periods were considered, one during the hot season and the second one during the cold season. the samples were analyzed for the presence of the following bacteria: escherichia coli, coagulase-positive staphylococcus, clostri ...200616676376
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