[epidemiology of diarrhea caused by escherichia coli and rotavirus in calves and lambs in morocco].an epidemiological survey on e coli and rotavirus associated diarrheas in one to twenty five days old calves and lambs was made in three regions: rabat-kenitra, marrakech and agadir. isolated e coli k99 stains have been studied of a biochemical, serotypical (o antigen) and antibiotypical point of view. the identification of rotavirus was made by elisa test. persistence of k99 antigen and heat stable toxin a was examined after a conservation of 5 weeks at - 18 degrees c. the frequency of e coli k ...19883041900
[toxoplasma gondii: level of carriage in sheep of marrakech region (mnabha)].toxoplasma gondii is an ubiquitous parasite with a prevalence variable from country to country. in morocco very few studies were devoted to this prevalence. to fill this gap we were interested to study the epidemiology of this parasite and to know the level of carriage by the different vectors which are the sources of contamination in humans. the study was done by directly detecting the cysts in the cerebral tissue of the 50 sheep killed and destined for consumption. the results of this prelimin ...200415630896
seroprevalence of t. gondii in sheep from marrakech, morocco.toxoplasma gondii is a ubiquitous intracellular protozoan parasite transmitted by food. concerning this parasite, there are few studies done in morocco. in this study, 261 sera from sheep intended for consumption in marrakech were subjected to the toxoplasma elisa based serology test for the detection of anti-t. gondii specific igg confirming a past infection. of the total tested 72 (27.6%) sera were positive for igg. this result shows that the seroprevalence approaches the world average and is ...200515893074
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