epidemiology of gastrointestinal helminths of sheep in the rabat area of morocco.the epidemiology of gastrointestinal helminths of sheep on permanent pastures in morocco was studied by monthly examination of faeces of ewes for helminth eggs and by use of batches of 3 tracer lambs each month from december 1979 to november 1980. the main helminth genera encountered were teladorsagia, haemonchus, trichostrongylus and moniezia, with nematodirus, cooperia, oesophagostomum and trichuris occasionally recorded. the faecal egg counts of ewes showed 2 peaks; the first in march due to ...19902288451
[frequency of abortion and seroprevalence of the principal diseases causing ovine infectious abortion in the area of rabat (morocco)].a survey was carried out on 23 sheep flocks to estimate the frequency of abortion as well as the prevalence of antibodies against abortive infections. during the visit of each farm, a questionnaire was completed with the collaboration of the owner and blood samples were collected from all aborted ewes and some of those with normal lambing. a rate of 7% abortion was reached in both aborted and normally lambed ewes. anti-chlamydia psittaci antibodies were the most frequently detected (14 flocks). ...19902288452
[epidemiology of diarrhea caused by escherichia coli and rotavirus in calves and lambs in morocco].an epidemiological survey on e coli and rotavirus associated diarrheas in one to twenty five days old calves and lambs was made in three regions: rabat-kenitra, marrakech and agadir. isolated e coli k99 stains have been studied of a biochemical, serotypical (o antigen) and antibiotypical point of view. the identification of rotavirus was made by elisa test. persistence of k99 antigen and heat stable toxin a was examined after a conservation of 5 weeks at - 18 degrees c. the frequency of e coli k ...19883041900
natural infection of land-snails by protostrongylids on a pasture grazed by sheep in the rabat area of morocco.the output by sheep of first-stage protostrongylid larvae, and the population density and level of infection of terrestrial molluscs were assessed monthly during a 1-year study. limax maximus was the most infected mollusc. juveniles were less infected than adults, for cernuella virgata and theba pisana; the reverse was observed for otala lactea. banded individuals had a lower intensity of infection than the non-banded ones for c. virgata and t. pisana. sixty-one percent of protostrongylid larvae ...19883347990
[survival of larvae of protostrongylidae in feces and directed infection of mollusks in rabat (morocco)]. 19863659483
ovine lentiviral infection (maedi/visna) in morocco: a serologic and postmortem an attempt to estimate the importance of maedi/visna virus infection in moroccan sheep and to assess the relationship, if any, between seroreactivity and pulmonary lesions, an abattoir-based serologic survey was undertaken over a period of 2 years. a total of 1000 blood samples and related lungs were collected from sheep of different breeds and ages slaughtered at three major municipal abattoirs in morocco (casablanca, kénitra and rabat). the agar gel immunodiffusion test showed that the sero ...19947975974
epidemiological aspects of lungworm infections of goats in morocco.the results of a survey of lungworm infections in goats in the middle atlas and rabat areas in morocco during 1990-1992 are reported. five species were recorded: dictyocaulus filaria, protostrongylus rufescens, cystocaulus ocreatus, muellerius capillaris and neostrongylus linearis. the parasitological profile of protostrongylid species was represented by muellerius (69-78%), protostrongylus (16-25%) and cystocaulus (5-6%) in the rabat and middle atlas areas. neostrongylus was virtually non-exist ...19968750686
epidemiological study of the cystic echinococcosis in morocco.the objectives of this epidemiological study on cystic echinococcosis (ce) in morocco (2001-2004) were to update the prevalence of ce in different animal species living in the most important areas of the country and to collect protoscoleces and germinal layers for genetic research purposes. the post mortem inspection concerned 2948 sheep, 2337 goats, 618 cattle, 482 camels and 455 equines (325 horses, 60 mules and 70 donkeys) in five different regions: the rif (mediterranean coast and high mount ...200616473466
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