possible introduction of bluetongue into the balearic islands, spain, in 2000, via air streams. 200415518407
high prevalence of myiasis by oestrus ovis in the balearic islands. 200920092066
molecular differentiation between ns1 gene of a field strain bluetongue virus serotype 2 (btv-2) and ns1 gene of an attenuated btv-2 the end of september 2000, clinical symptoms of bluetongue appeared in sheep flocks of the balearic islands (spain). the presence of the btv serotype 2 in tissue and blood samples of affected animals was confirmed by laboratory techniques. a systematic vaccination were carried out in affected areas using a live monovalent serotype 2 vaccine available from onderstepoort laboratory (south africa). in order to perform epidemiological studies, a new method to differentiate between the ns1 genes o ...200211955783
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