observations on natural and experimental interactions between schistosoma bovis and s. curassoni from west africa.surveys of 332 naturally infected bovines at eight abattoirs in senegal, the gambia and mali were carried out to determine the prevalence of infection with schistosoma bovis and s. curassoni and to pinpoint areas where the distribution of the species overlap. s. bovis was the commonest schistosome of cattle in senegal and mali being found in animals at seven abattoirs, the highest prevalence of 85.1% occurred at mopti in mali. s. bovis was the only bovine schistosome observed in the gambia. s. c ...19901969699
[epidemiological aspects of human and animal rabies in the urban area of bamako, mali].the district of bamako is the political and economical capital city of mali with 1,800,000 inhabitants. the goal of the present retrospective study was to determine the frequency of animal bites, human and animal rabies on the one hand and to determine the frequency and the nature of mad animals on the other hand from january 2000 to december 2003 (4 years). to achieve this goal, we have analysed registers and documents related to rabies in the department of prevention and fight against diseases ...200616983822
gastrointestinal parasite egg excretion in young calves in periurban livestock production in acquire the information needed to improve parasite control in periurban cattle production in mali, repeated sampling of faeces of 694 calves kept around bamako was done in 2003/2004. the effects of season, age, breed, management type, parasite control and presence of sheep on egg and oocyst counts were determined. a bayesian model was used with a negative binomial distribution and herd and individual effects, to account for the clustering of calves in herds and the repeated sampling. intervie ...200817573084
[use of the food cubes in the fattening of the bovines and the small ruminants in the district of bamako. evaluation of the potential effects on the libido of the animals].the goal of this work was to study the possible use of the food cubes in bovines' and the small ruminants' feeding in bamako district and to evaluate its potential effects on these animals' libido.200920093209
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