in vitro transformation of ochratoxin a by animal microbioal floras.ochratoxin a is hydrolysed to ochratoxin alpha by the centrifugal pellet of rat caecal contents containing the microbial flora. the supernatant liquid is however, completely lacking in detoxifying enzymatic activity. the large proportion of toxin lost suggest that degradation of the active principe to non-fluorescent metabolites occurs. the rumen fluid of cows and sheep obtained at a slaughterhouse can hydrolyse the toxin and also, in certain cases, esterifies it to the equally toxic ochratoxin ...1976984716
schistosomiasis in the republic of são tomé and principe: characterization of schistosoma intercalatum.this paper reports the morphological and biochemical characterization of the species of schistosoma infecting humans in the republic of são tomé and principe. the eggs are typical in shape and size of s. intercalatum, measuring on average between 174.5 microns and 189.1 microns. the eggs are voided in the faeces and not the urine of infected people. the parasite experimentally develops in several different species of bulinus belonging to the b. forskalii group, including b. forskalii, with a min ...19947570850
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