helminths of sheep and goats in desert areas of south-west mauritania (trarza).faecal samples were obtained from sheep and goats before, during and after the rainy season at three locations in south-west mauritania. several animals were also necropsied at the same time. haemonchus contortus was the most prevalent worm. infection by digestive-tract strongyles and strongyloides papillosus was always very light (prevalence less than 20%). sheep were more heavily infected than goats but animals under 1 year of age were not infected by digestive-tract strongyles. it is likely t ...19921295205
[trypanosomiasis caused by trypanosoma evansi (steel 1885), balbiani 1888 in small ruminants in mauritania: results of experimental inoculation and field surveys].in order to define the eventual role of small ruminants in the epidemiology of t. evansi infection in southern mauritania, the following experiments were carried out: the intravenous inoculation of a ewe and a goat with a local strain of t. evansi isolated from a dairy camel; surveys of small ruminant flocks which graze with infected camels in the south of the trarza region. the experimental inoculation allowed to show that local sheep and goats are receptive. only the ewe showed a clinical epis ...19938073171
rift valley fever among domestic animals in the recent west african outbreak.severe haemorrhagic disease among the human population of the senegal river basin brought the rift valley fever virus (rvfv) outbreak of 1987 to the attention of science. as in previous rvfv outbreaks, local herdsmen reported a high incidence of abortion and disease in their livestock. serum samples were obtained from domestic animal populations from areas near rosso, the best studied focus of human infection, as well as other areas distant from known human disease. among animals from the area o ...19892711047
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