[high degree of tolerance to trypanosomiasis of dwarf djallonké sheep and goats in the southern guinean area of togo. comparison with trypanosoma tolerant cattle]. 19873444966
[trypanosomiasis of dwarf djallonké sheep and goats in southern guinea areas in togo]. 19863659481
[epidemiology of gastrointestinal nematodes in small ruminants in the plateau areas in togo].post-mortem helminthological examinations were performed in togo on small ruminants of the djallonké breed (59 sheep, 60 goats), revealing the presence of eight gastrointestinal nematode species which were, in decreasing prevalence order, trichostrongylus sp. (t. axei and t. colubriformis) (99%), haemonchus contortus (82%), strongyloides papillosus (67%), cooperia curticei (43%), oesophagostomum columbianum (40%), gaigeria pachyscelis (36%) and trichuris ovis (4%). the average worm burden was 1, ...19958734228
current status of some zoonoses in togo, livestock represent an important part of the national and subsistence economies. the most prevalent zoonoses documented in toga are brucellosis, tuberculosis, cysticercosis and rabies. the status of other zoonoses such as toxoplasmosis, giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis and salmonellosis is not known. a national eradication programme has been instigated to reduce the transmission of rabies. good relations exist between veterinary and health personnel in the field but this level of interacti ...200010913769
[life cycle of paramphistomum togolense n. sp. (trematoda, paramphistomidae)].mature worms were obtained from a sheep experimentally infested with metacercariae issued from cercariae emitted by naturally infested snails: bulinus (bulinus) forskalli collected near lomé (togo). miracidia were used for infection of these laboratory-reared snails which gave numerous cercariae. larval stages are studied. morphological and histological characters of the adult and the very peculiar shape of the sporocyst distinguish this trematode from the other known species of the genus. the s ...1978742803
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