prevalence of tsetse fly and ruminant trypanosomosis in katsina-ala local government area, nigeria.the prevalence of ruminant trypanosomosis and tsetse flies was investigated in katsina-ala local government area--a sleeping sickness endemic area--between the valleys of river benue, katsina-ala and donga in central nigeria. analysis of three hundred and twenty blood samples showed that among semi-nomadic animals, about one cattle (21.3%; 0.213, confidence interval c1 +/- 0.06) and two sheep (38.0%; 0.380, c1 +/- 0.10) out of five carried mature trypanosome infections. significantly lower (p < ...19969558969
parasitology and urban livestock farming in nigeria: prevalence of ova in faecal and soil samples and animal ectoparasites in makurdi.domestic environmental pollution resulting from urban livestock farming was investigated in makurdi using parasitological techniques. the test tube flotation technique was used for the parasitological analysis of animal faecal matter and soil samples collected from residential premises. ectoparasitic fauna of dogs, goats, sheep and cattle cohabiting with humans within the same residential compound were also collected and identified. the hand-picking and body brushing methods were employed to sea ...200717665765
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