a survey for haemagglutination-inhibiting antibody to west nile virus in human and animal sera in nigeria.a survey for west nile virus (wnv) haemagglutination-inhibition (hi) antibody was carried out in humans and domestic animals. human sera were collected from ibadan, while the animal sera were collected from both ibadan and maiduguri. out of 304 human sera tested, 123 were positive (40%). there was a higher prevalence of hi antibody in adults than children. sex distribution of positive sera showed that 37% of males and 43% of females had wnv hi antibody. there was no significant difference in the ...19902323182
liver fluke infections in livestock in borno state, nigeria.a survey was conducted on the prevalence of fasciola gigantica and dicrocoelium hospes eggs in gall bladders of cattle and small ruminants (sheep and goats) slaughtered between november 1987 and december 1988 in maiduguri, borno state, nigeria. prevalence rates of 42.7% and 5.7% were recorded for f. gigantica and d. hospes eggs, respectively, in 246 cattle and 718 sheep and goats examined. out of the 246 cattle examined, 52 (21.1%), 45 (18.3%) and 8 (3.3%) excreted eggs of f. gigantica, d. hospe ...19938122358
seroprevalence of toxoplasma gondii infection in domestic sheep and goats in borno state, nigeria.serum samples were collected from 372 sheep and same number of goats from the three geopolitical zones of borno state, nigeria. the samples were tested for the presences of toxoplasma gondii antibodies by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. of these, 6.7% (25/372) and 4.6% (17/372) of sheep and goats, respectively, were found to be seropositive to t. gondii antibodies, both far less than the estimated global average of 31%. results were statistically analyzed by chi-square (chi(2)) test. the resu ...201019882227
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