prevalence of hydatid cysts in domestic livestock in the niger delta.the prevalence of infection with hydatid cysts in pigs, cattle, sheep and goats in the niger delta area of nigeria studied over a 10-month period was generally high; 56% in pigs, 42% in goats, 32% in cattle and 24% in sheep. this high prevalence rate is probably related to the socio-economic factors prevalent in the area. the high prevalence and viability of the cysts in pigs and cattle suggests that the strain of echinococcus present in this area differs from those reported elsewhere.19853992669
the prevalence and public health significance of toxoplasma gondii in indigenous meat animals in the niger delta.the prevalence of toxoplasma gondii in indigenous meat animals in the niger delta area of nigeria was measured by serological examination of antibody using the sabin-feldman dye-test. of 300 each of cattle, sheep, goats and pigs examined, 32.8%, 75.2%, 81.6% and 69.2% respectively, possessed significant antibody titres. these results indicate that there exists within meat animals in this area, a considerable reservoir of toxoplasma which has the potential for transmission as zoonosis to man.19846464188
anaplasmosis of small ruminants in nigeria: incidence and parasite identification through blood smear and latex agglutination test (lat).a survey was carried out on the incidence of anaplasmosis in small ruminants at bodija abattoir, ibadan. 100 sheep and 200 goats were examined using and comparing two methods-the giemsa stained blood smear and serodiagnosis by latex agglutination technique. the sheep and goats examined were among those brought from various parts of northern states and some neighbouring countries like chad, benin, niger and burkina faso. 27% of the sheep and 17.5% of goats were positive for anaplasma bodies with ...19863557833
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