serological evidence of ife virus infection in nigerian indigenous domestic ruminants.serological evidence of ife virus infection was observed in cattle, sheep, goats and camels in both ecological zones of sokoto and kaduna states of nigeria. the antibody prevalence rates differed between species and between zones, being highest in the guinea savanna. this is the first report of possible ife virus infection in domestic ruminants.19892540575
prevalence of tsetse fly and ruminant trypanosomosis in katsina-ala local government area, nigeria.the prevalence of ruminant trypanosomosis and tsetse flies was investigated in katsina-ala local government area--a sleeping sickness endemic area--between the valleys of river benue, katsina-ala and donga in central nigeria. analysis of three hundred and twenty blood samples showed that among semi-nomadic animals, about one cattle (21.3%; 0.213, confidence interval c1 +/- 0.06) and two sheep (38.0%; 0.380, c1 +/- 0.10) out of five carried mature trypanosome infections. significantly lower (p < ...19969558969
a serological survey for rift valley fever antibody in food animals in kaduna and sokoto states of nigeria.a total of 1106 serum samples from cattle, sheep, goats and camels were collected from kaduna and sokoto states of nigeria. these were tested for the presence of antibody to rift valley fever virus by the agar gel immunodiffusion method. the antibody prevalence rates were 2.85% in cattle, 6.67% in sheep, 0.98% in goats and 3.13% in camels.19826820360
prevalence of bovine cysticercosis and hydatid disease in food animals slaughtered in sokoto state, nigeria. 1979536121
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