the epidemiology of human and animal schistosomiasis in the senegal river basin.the results of four field surveys in senegal are reported. 1. a snail survey in various parts of the senegal river basin, including the senegal river, temporary rain-fed pools, swamps, irrigation canals and drains, ricefields and lac de guier was carried out. three species of snails were commonly found: bulinus guernei was the most common, occurring in permanent habitats, bulinus senegalensis occurring in laterite pools in the eastern part of the middle valley, and also in the ricefields of guéd ...19852865881
changes in rift valley fever neutralizing antibody prevalence among small domestic ruminants following the 1987 outbreak in the senegal river basin.following the rift valley fever (rvf) epizootic of 1987 in the senegal river basin, 2 series of serosurveys were carried out. in 1988 and 1989, respectively, 303 and 331 randomly selected sheep and goats were investigated and sera tested for the presence of specific rvf-virus-neutralizing antibodies. in 1988, 24.4% of the sera was found to have anti-rvf neutralizing antibodies and in 1989, 19.3% was found. in 1988, we observed in the dagana district, including the 1987 epizootic area, a signific ...19912052753
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