management and productivity of small ruminants in the north west province of cameroon.a survey showed that in the north west province of cameroon 92% of the farmers rear goats as against only 21% who rear sheep. the main constraint on sheep husbandry appeared to be a traditional belief that keeping sheep adversely affects a woman's fertility. flock sizes are small (three to 48, median seven) but there was some tendency towards larger numbers in mixed flocks. there were considerably more females than males. six systems for managing small ruminants were identified. the most widely ...19892749905
disease and mortality in small ruminants in the north west province of cameroon.mortality rates and the prevalence of disease were assessed in 115 flocks of traditionally managed sheep and goats in two divisions of the north west province of cameroon by means of a questionnaire to the owners. the mortality rate was significantly higher in sheep than in goats and also higher in young stock than in adults. tethering the animals during the day resulted in significantly lower mortality in both adult and young sheep and also in kids. disease problems of small ruminants, identifi ...19892799946
parasites of sheep and goats and their prevalence in bokova, a rural area of buea sub division, cameroon.small ruminant production in the south west province of cameroon is practised mostly by subsistence farmers in the rural areas on natural grass pastures which grow once the primary forest has been cleared. investigations revealed certain endo- and ectoparasites that were abundant and caused problems on the pastures to both animals and farmers. haemonchus contortus was the most prevalent species with a prevalence of 94.23%. the highest mean monthly intensity was obtained in august and there was a ...200818707810
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