habitat preferences and carcase colonization by sheep blowflies in the northern north island of new urban auckland, from september 1991 to may 1992, only six specimens of the australian sheep blowfly, lucilia cuprina, were collected in farmed parkland and in garden habitats. the common green blowfly, lucilia sericata, was the most common calliphorid trapped in these habitats. neither of the two lucilia species were found in native bush remnants in urban or rural areas where calliphora hilli was dominant. similarly very few l.cuprina (0.3% of the total) were trapped in rural rubbish tips in ...19938481532
blood selenium values in an adult auckland population zealand top soils are low in selenium with some regional variation. grain and cereal products are the main source of dietary selenium intake but in new zealand their content is low due to widespread top soil deficiency. whole blood levels reported from oago, 68 +/- 13ng/ml, are a half to one-third of those in north america and also lower than in auckland residents, 79 +/- 15.7ng/ml. the variation between new zealanders is due to regional differences in top soil levels and grass content affec ...1979290885
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