population dynamics in echinococcosis and cysticercosis: comparison of the response of echinococcus granulosus, taenia hydatigena and t. ovis to control.a comparative study has been made of the progress in the control of ovine echinococcosis caused by echinococcus granulosus and the ovine cysticercoses caused by taenia hydatigena and t. ovis in new zealand. the methods of control included an educational and a dog-dosing programme. in the styx field trial, the otago/southland surveillance programme and the national control programme, e. granulosus declined towards extinction. in contrast, this same control effort transformed the cysticercoses fro ...19863785974
inherited chondrodysplasia in texel sheep.a skeletal disease characterised by dwarfism, limb deformity and sometimes sudden death occurred over a period of 5 years in lambs born on a commercial sheep farm in southland. the disease showed variable expression and occurred in crossbred sheep. a genetic aetiology was supported by the birth of affected lambs over two seasons in a flock of putative carrier and affected sheep transported to massey university.200516012591
dust and noise exposures among farmers in southland,new zealand.this was a cross-sectional survey of the health of farmers in southland, new zealand and in a sub-sample, included daily noise and inhalable dust exposure measurements, and a walk through assessment of farm buildings. the median inhalable dust level for arable farmers was 1.7 mg/m(3) with 0.7 mg/m(3) for sheep farmers (nz standard 10 mg/m(3)). total daily noise exposure levels were 86.8 db(a) for sheep farmers, and 85.7 db(a) for mixed farmers (nz standard 85 db[a]). a higher proportion of farme ...200616546808
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