biologic pollution in infant bedding in new zealand: high allergen exposure during a vulnerable period.high exposure to house dust mite and cat allergens in early life predisposes to allergic sensitization and to the development and persistence of asthma. prevalence and severity of asthma are high in new zealand.19989819293
house dust mite allergen accumulation on sheepskins.sheepskins, which are often used as infant bedding in new zealand, are known to harbour large quantities of house dust mites and their allergens. in this study we determined the rate of accumulation of the house dust mite allergen, der p 1 on new sheepskins, and the effects of washing and dry cleaning on its removal.19989830431
outbreak of cryptosporidiosis linked with a farm investigate an outbreak of cryptosporidiosis linked to a two-day farm educational event in the wellington region. methods. the outbreak was investigated by carrying out a site visit and interviewing cases (or their parents) identified through notifications to wellington regional public health.200111795564
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