[ecologo-epidemiologic characteristics of echinococcosis in the irkutsk region].seroepidemiological screening of population of the irkutsk region with regard to echinococciasis was preformed by rla and riha. the last 26-year data on surgically confirmed echinococciasis cases were obtained at the local hospital. relatively high invasion and disease rates were revealed in the forest-steppe natural areal complex population, the invasion agent circulating between dogs and sheep. invasion and disease rates in taiga were low. problems of low invasion foci tension are discussed.19892755391
[genetic characterization of the brucella melitensis isolates from mongolia, russia, and azerbaijan].the goal of this work was to provide comparative genetic characterization of the human and animal brucella melitensis isolates from mongolia, russia and azerbaijan using current molecular-genetic typing methods.201121786630
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