[prognosis of dictyocauliasis in sheep]. 1976141769
[epizootiology of leptospirosis in animals]. 1979419667
[respiratory organ diseases in sheep depending on the summer pasture husbandry conditions]. 1977847902
[experience in eradicating necrobacillosis on a state farm]. 19751114669
[on contagious pustulous stomatitis of sheep in dagestan]. 19674234476
[sources of necrobacillosis in animals in the daghestan assr]. 19734274070
[epizootiology of foot-and-mouth disease under the conditions of summering animal husbandry]. 19744466048
[health and hygiene characteristics of a sheep-breeding farm complex]. 19836654096
[genetic characterization of the brucella melitensis isolates from mongolia, russia, and azerbaijan].the goal of this work was to provide comparative genetic characterization of the human and animal brucella melitensis isolates from mongolia, russia and azerbaijan using current molecular-genetic typing methods.201121786630
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