[epidemiologic study data on foci of enzootic abortion of sheep in rostov province].epidemiological and serological investigations of diseases among cattle-breeders aimed at the elucidation of the etiological importance of mammalian chlamydia in human pathology were carried out in cattle-breeding farms where chlamydial infection in sheep (enzootic abortion of sheep) had been diagnosed previously. in these foci with the suppressed enzootic process from 6.2% to 15.6% of the personnel attending to the animals were found to be infected. retrospectively, patients and convalescents w ...1977145094
[conbinement of anthrax foci to soil-landscape zones in rostov province]. 1979155963
[on the characteristics of brucella isolated in the rostov region]. 19664238234
[adhesive and other properties of vibrio cholerae tcp+ ctx- isolated from environmental objects in the rostov region in 2002].the adhesive, hemolytic and triacylglycerol lipase activity of 4 v. cholerae ctp+ ctx- cultures, sensitive to bacteriophage ctx+, isolated from the don and sewage water were tested. all these cultures were found to induce hemolysis of sheep red blood cells in the greig test in 2 hours, possessed triacylglycerol lipase activity, but had no adhesive properties. by these parameters--atoxigenicity and the absence of adhesive properties--the isolated v. cholerae strains were characterized as avirulen ...200415636129
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