current status of food-borne parasitic zoonoses in singapore.parasitic infections adopt a rather low profile in the highly urbanized setting in singapore. very few food-borne parasitic infections are encountered. apart from a few reports of infections with clonorchis/opisthorchis, taenia spp. and hydatid disease, there are no other citations of such helminthic infections. seroprevalence surveys have shown the presence of toxoplasmosis in local meat animals (sheep, pigs and cattle) and toxoplasma strains have been isolated from the pig, tree shrew (tupaia ...19911822903
deaths in sheep exported by sea from western australia--analysis of ship master's reports.mortality reports were studied for 181 shipments of live sheep from western australia to the middle east and singapore in 1985 and 1986. samples of pelleted feed for 93 shipments were analysed for quality. overall death rate in the 6.46 million sheep exported in the period of the study was 2.18%. in sheep bound for the middle east, most of the deaths occurred during the voyage (overall rate 1.7%, range 0.4-4.4% per shipment), although substantial mortality was recorded during discharge (rate 0.4 ...19892730480
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