biochemical and physiological analyses of a hemolytic toxin isolated from a sea anemone actineria villosa.a species of venomous sea anemone actineria villosa was recently found inhabiting the coastal areas of okinawa, japan. this marine animal produces various proteinous toxins, so that a local health organization was called for medical treatment for those who had accidental contact with this animal. in this study we analyzed the biochemical and physiological properties of hemolytic protein from a. villosa. the toxin purified from the tentacles of the animals was found to be a protein with a molecul ...200515804525
seroepizootiological survey on bluetongue virus infection in cattle in japan.bovine sera collected in various parts of japan were subjected to seroepizootiological tests with bluetongue virus type 1 (btv1), type 12 (btv12), and type 20 (btv20). all these viruses have been widely disseminated among cattle in the southern part of japan in 1974. relatively high incidences of neutralizing (nt) antibody against the three viruses were shown among cattle in the kyushu district, including okinawa prefecture, or the southern part of japan, but extremely low or incidences in hokka ...19826312332
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