theileriosis of sheep and goats in china.theileriosis is an important disease of sheep and goats in west china. its main distribution includes qinghai, gansu, ningxia, inner mongolia, shaanxi and sichuan. the epidemic period is from late march to july with april-may being the peak months. this is the period of most intensive tick attack by haemaphysalis qinghaiensis (77.2-99.24%) during the year. it has been proved that the nymphs and adults, which develop from larvae and nymphs engorged on infected sheep or goats can transmit the path ...19979512737
prevalence and characterization of salmonella serovars in retail meats of marketplace in shaanxi, china.a total of 764 retail meat including 515 chicken, 91 pork, 78 beef and 80 lamb samples were collected in shaanxi province of china in 2007-2008 to determine the prevalence of salmonella. the isolates were characterized using serotyping, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and the presence of bla(cmy-2) and bla(tem) and class i integrons. selective serovars were further subtyped using pfge. approximately 54% (276) of chicken, 31% (28) of pork, 17% (13) of beef and 20% (16) of lamb samples were ...201020493570
[antimicrobial susceptibility and related genes of salmonella serovars from retail food in shaanxi province].salmonella isolates from retail food were examined for antimicrobial susceptibility and further characterized to better understand the development and dissemination of antimicrobial resistance among foodborne salmonella in china.201020687345
oldest directly dated remains of sheep in china.the origins of domesticated sheep (ovis sp.) in china remain unknown. previous workers have speculated that sheep may have been present in china up to 7000 years ago, however many claims are based on associations with archaeological material rather than independent dates on sheep material. here we present 7 radiocarbon dates on sheep bone from inner mongolia, ningxia and shaanxi provinces. dna analysis on one of the bones confirms it is ovis sp. the oldest ages are about 4700 to 4400 bce and are ...201425417648
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