a high rate of neurological complications following semple anti-rabies vaccine.a fatal case of encephalitis due to semple (phenolized sheep-brain) anti-rabies vaccine prompted a search for neurological complications among 722 recipients of 2 vaccine batches administered in bangkok, thailand in june and july 1984. a review of all patients admitted with neurological symptoms from june through august 1984 to the 5 major teaching hospitals in bangkok found 6 cases (0.83%), including the index case, who had received the vaccine. rabies infection was ruled out in all 6 cases. 4 ...19882906768
serological comparison of type a foot and mouth disease virus isolates from thailand.antigenic variation of type a foot and mouth disease (fmd) virus in thailand was examined using a total of 82 field viruses isolated between 1986 and 1989. a two-dimensional serum microneutralisation test was used to compare these isolates to a reference strain, a15 bangkok 1960 (a bkk/60). viruses regarded as unrelated to a bkk/60 were compared to another reference strain, a22 nakhon pathom 1986 (a npt/86). this approach divided the viruses into two groups. most of the viruses shared a close an ...19958593389
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